America's Kids Remember was released on September 8, 2002 and on VHS in October 8, 2002.


Former ZOOMers and current ZOOMers return to discuss 9/11. They talk about how they felt that day, and how they think it changed them, and America. They see how kids are volunteering to help America, and hear from a cookie girl in the hot zone a year later.



  • Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost
  • To a Butterfly by William Wordsworth


this ZOOM Speical Marks:

  • the Only time Aline appears with Alisa, Buzz, Eric, and Kenny
  • the Final Appearances of Alisa, Eric, Kaleigh, Kenny, Buzz, and Rachel.
  • the Last time ZOOM does Something Speical to it's Viewers
  • This is the last ZOOM Speical
  • Alisa is the Only Season 1 Cast Member to appear in this Speical
  • this is the Final ZOOM Speical
  • Kenny doesn't wear Glasses on the Actual TV Show
  • this is the only Speical with Aline
  • These Poems appeared in Episode 0201
  • The Same Group appeared in the Special Version of Episode 0043