Zoom Season Two Episode One
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date Janaury 4, 2000
Written by Janes Garns
Directed by Tom Barley
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Zoom Episode 201 aired on January 4, 2000.


  • ZOOM Game- The Potato Sack Race
  • What Zup- Volunteering
  • ZOOM Do- Making Bubbles
  • Poem- Under My Bed
  • Fannee Doolee
  • ZOOM Guest- Katy H.
  • Joke
  • ZOOM Sci- Musical Straws
  • ZOOM Zinger- Animals across the river
  • Joke
  • ZMail- ZOOM Definition, Riddle, Wishbone the Dog, Sailboat
  • Ubbi Dubbi Bath
  • Joke
  • Ray & Kenny's Ubbi Dubbi Rap
  • Ubbi Dubbi ad
  • ZOOM Playhouse- There's No Such Thing as Monsters
  • Stinger- Unknown


  • The entire bath skit was cut out in the 2002 remastering.
  • The stinger was replaced with an embarrassing moments ad in the remastering.


  • Ray
  • Caroline
  • Claudio
  • Alisa
  • Jessie
  • Kenny
  • Zoe

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