Zoom Episode 0001 aired on January 4, 1999.


  • ZOOM Zinger - Keep a Feather in the Air
  • ZOOM Zinger - Homonyms
  • ZOOM Guest- Robbie P.
  • ZOOM Do - Thaumatrope
  • Joke
  • ZMail- Riddle, Thanksgiving, Mr Muscles
  • Ubbi Dubbi ad
  • ZOOM Do - Thaumatrope
  • Cafe ZOOM - Bunny Cake
  • Poem - Imagination
  • Zoops
  • ZOOM - Zlime
  • Fannee Doolee
  • ZOOM Sci - Get a Ball to Travel Down Stairs in Ten Seconds
  • ZOOM Game - Ankle Grab Relay Race
  • Stinger - Coming Soon To ZOOM


  • Zoe
  • Jared
  • Keiko
  • Pablo
  • Alisa
  • David
  • Lynese

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ZOOM Season One Episode One

ZOOM Season One Episode One


  • In the beginning of the Cafe ZOOM segment (after the logo), the door used for jokes in seasons 1-5 is shown on the right as the camera zooms in to Keiko.
  • Not only is this the first episode of the revival series of Zoom, but this is the first episode to feature a Cafe ZOOM segment that doesn't show the Zoomer eating the recipe at the end. This could've been because there wasn't enough time to do it.
  • When the episode was remastered in 2002, it was edited so the first ZOOMDo and the joke were shown before the second zinger and the ZOOMGuest. This was most likely because having two zingers in a row didn't make sense.