Zoom Episode 0182 aired on April 4, 2005.


ZOOMers ahoy! ZOOM sets sail in its final season! After getting so many letters from kids asking to see an episode outside the studio, the ZOOMers go on an adventure. aboard a 90-ft schooner! The kids board the boat on Martha's Vineyard, meet the captain and crew and stow their gear, but then realize this trip won't be so easy-hoisting the sails is hard work! Francesco and Emily then try to figure out a way to keep their drinks from tipping over, as they build a "steady tray." In the galley, Shing Ying bakes up some tasty apple brownies! When they reach the cove, the ZOOMers take a dip.


  • Nick
  • Taylor
  • Francesco
  • Noreen
  • Emily
  • Kyle
  • Shing Ying

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