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Cast MembersEdit

Zoomers 1955-1959 Edit

ZOOMers in All Years Edit

Bernadette Peters, Lonnie Sherman, Brian Johnson, Richard Adams, Annette Funicello, Christine Taylor, Moose Lee, Noreen Nash, Ulka "Zee" Cao

ZOOMers for Two Years Edit

Alan Rickman, Lisa Zee

One Year ZOOMers Edit

Lynn Collins, Murray May (Murray I), Murray Hone (Murray II), Mickey Rooney, Phred Schram, Feetface Adams, Hillary Clinton, Dick Bruna, John Henson, Annie Hammer, Jessica Ovoid, Lorianne Santoni, Dylan Wilcher

Short Time ZOOMers Edit

Sean Murray, Greg Murray, Donald Trump, John David Bennett

Updates on 50's ZOOMers Edit

  • Lorianne Santoni- Wrote a Book on the Mickey Mouse Club
  • Phred Schram- Was on Late Night
  • Lynn Collins- a Cook
  • Mickey Rooney- Acted in Christmas Movies
  • Donald Trump- President
  • Annette Funicello- Is on the Mickey Mouse Club

Gallery Edit


Zoomers 1972-1978 Edit


Joe Shrand, Jon Reuning, Nina Lillie, Tommy White, Kenny Pires, Nancy Tates, Tracy Tannebring


1st CastEdit

Kenny Yates, Nancy Tates, Tracy Tannebring, Ann Messer, David Alberico, Jay Schertzer, Maura Mullaney

2nd CastEdit

Ann Messer, David Alberico, Jay Schertzer, Maura Mullaney, Bernadette Yao, Leon Mobley, Luiz Gonzales

3rd CastEdit

Bernadette Yao, Leon Mobley, Luiz Peterton, Danny McGrath, Edith Mooers, Lori Boskin, Neal Johnson


1st CastEdit

Danny McGrath, Edith Mooers, Lori Boskin, Neal Johnson, Donna Moore, Mike Dean, Timmy Pruce

2nd CastEdit

Donna Moore, Mike Dean, Timmy Pruce, Hector Dorta, Rose Clarkow, Shawn Miranda, Danny Malloy


Andrae Neilsan, Carmen Hernandez, Cate Albonda, David Sales (II), Harvey Reed, Norman Christian, Red Lyman, Tishy Lyman, Tommy (II) Schultz, Tracy Dunlap

(only season that had more than 7 Zoomers)


Arcadio Gonzales, Chris Blackwell, Jennifer Gold, Karen Wing, Levell Gethers, Nell Cox, Ron Richmond


Amy Clark, Carolyn Malcolm, Chee Bong, John Lathan, Nicholas Butterworth, Shona Wiseman, Susan Hobbie

Update on 1970s ZoomersEdit

  • Nicholas Butterworth - Founder and President and CEO of Diversion Media
  • Mike Dean - Became an Artist and Musician. website (
  • John Lathan - Guest in The West Wing and he was a member of the Engine Crew on Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Danny McGarth - songwriter
  • Leon Mobley - founder of West African Drummers and Dancersm gas performed with the Beach Boys and Michael Jackson, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, toured with Ben Harper and Peter Wolf
  • Edith Mooers - was showing signs of genius in math earlier in childhood, won prestigious academic awards in mathematics as a university undergraduate, and went on to earning a Ph. D in Math from MIT. Her father is the late Dr. Calvin Mooers.
  • Maura Mullaney - last known to be an Amtrak conductor
  • Jon Reuning - is a NYC playwright and co-founder of the United Stages.
  • Bernadette Yao -
  • Donna Moore - professional sing, actress, and monologist.


Season 1-7 (1999-2005)Edit

Season 1Edit

Note: Jared, Keiko, Pablo, David and Lynese left after season 1 and Phillip left after the Pilot.

Season 2Edit

Note: Ray, Claudio, Alisa, Jessie and Zoe left after season 2.

Season 3Edit

Note: Frances, Kenny, Eric and Buzz left after season 3.

Season 4Edit

Note: Rachel, Matt and Kaleigh left after season 4.

Season 5Edit

Note: Caroline, Aline, Estuardo and Garrett left after season 5.

Season 6Edit

Note: Mike, Kortney, Cara and Maya left after season 6.

Season 7Edit

"Note:" Francesco, Noreen and Kyle left after season 7.


  • Caroline and Kenny guest appeared on Sesame Street in Season 32 in Episode 3951

Update 1999-2005 castEdit

  • Kevin "Buzz" Barrette - is a 2007 Auburn High School graduate. He is a freshman at Boston University as of fall 2007.
  • Lynese Browder - is a senior (class of 2008) at Pine Manor College.
  • Zoe Costello - graduate from NY University as of 2009.
  • Garrett DiBona - Freshman at University of Tampa.
  • Ray MacMore - currently living in Brooklyn, NY, attending Brooklyn College He works at a hotel in midtown Manhattan and is one of three members of The Prospects, an up and coming rap/hip-hop group.
  • Estuardo Alvizures - has worked with Sociedad Latina and is currently living in Guatemala.
  • Jessie Ogungbadero - is a senior (class of 2009) at Harvard University.
  • David Toropov - is a 2007 graduate of Phillips Academy Andover. He is now attending Bard College as of fall 2007.
  • Pablo Velez - graduate from Emerson College as of May 2007.
  • Kenny Yates - is an assistant to film directors Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, as of 2006.
  • Keiko Yoshida - graduate from Muhlenberg College as of 2006.
  • Noreen Raja - is a senior at Grafton High School in Mass. and is a member of be school's Central Mass. Regional Student Council to the Board of Education.
  • Aline Toupi - currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Cara Harvey - currently a senior at WRHS and is a member of the National Honors Society.
  • Maya Morales - Current junior at Worcester Academy.
  • Taylor Garron - has been on FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman.
  • Phillip Fry- is a Mold Expert
  • Caroline Botelho - currently a sophomore at the University of Mass. Amherst.
  • Francesco Tena - "Charlie" in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)
  • Kyle Larrow - graduate from Boston College High School as of 2009.
  • Elena "Shing-Ying" Shieh - has been on Baby Einstein


ZOOMers 2010-2014Edit

  • Jay Brosnan
  • Rubye Peyser
  • Walker Cambell
  • Kyle Jackson
  • Kayla Brown
  • Anabelle Rosario
  • Ryan Douglas

Updates on 2010's ZOOMersEdit

  • Jay Brosnan - Has been on FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
  • Rubye Peyser - Has been on FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman
  • Walker Cambell - Has been on the Tonight Show
  • Kyle Jackson - Plays Football
  • Anabelle Rosario - Is a Third Grade Reader


Korean ZOOMers 2014-Present Edit

  • Ash Hess
  • Brock Atkins
  • Kajashu Kusher
  • Sung Southwell
  • Jin Worksman
  • May Liam
  • Hyun Sheih
  • Maddie Douglas
  • Ming Blast
  • Goldie Hamm

Updates on 2010's Korean ZOOMersEdit


Hebrew ZOOMers (2006-2010)Edit

  • Dana Mitchell
  • Rose Bryne
  • Emma Watson
  • Janiel Motser
  • Ran Yakumo
  • Issac Hayes
  • Jared Harris
  • Rosh Chodesh
  • Adina Porter
  • Aviv Regev
  • Eli James
  • Noam Dar
  • Ala Mhigo
  • Mai Sushi
  • Hill Sachs
  • Nir Okanan
  • Iso Ben Yosef
  • Karen Knotts

Updates on 2000's Hebrew ZOOMers Edit

Additional PagesEdit


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